Armenia intends to enlist individuals from Greece to battle in the contested region

Britto Josh
2 min readOct 5, 2020

The secretary to the leader of Azerbaijan, Hikmet Haziyev, said that they have data about Armenia’s arrangement that they will carry individuals from western nations to battle in the contested area as soldiers of fortune.

“We approach those states to avoid such incitements against Azerbaijan and to take measures. Residents of these nations will become targets in the event that they take an interest in military activities,” he said.

He proceeded to include that Armenians have been endeavoring to enter the internet of Azerbaijan. The authority guaranteed that separated from the Armenians possessing the contested zone, columnists are additionally remaining in those territories working for Armenian powers, who are wrongfully remaining in the zone.

He claimed that these unfamiliar correspondents were brought by Yerevan to upset the notoriety of Azerbaijan and now whatever occurs in the district, Armenia will be answerable for it.

“They do digital assaults on the data space of Azerbaijan. This issue must be settled and the applicable specialists must take vital measures in such manner,” he included.

The conflict broke out on September 27 between the two countries and the UN has requested to de-raise pressures as quick as could reasonably be expected. Even after the request, the two countries have been battling for more than eight days now which has prompted numerous towns being decimated.

The individuals of Nagorno-Karabakh are secured in the house for 8 days. Azerbaijan’s military lost more than 3,000 servicemen since the war broke out. One of the reports recommended that these collections of the servicemen are left in the nonpartisan zone and nothing is being accomplished for their transportation.

Azerbaijan had before announced a condition of war following Armenia’s fringe infringement.



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