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Ethiopia and Djibouti have consented to work mutually on online security and peacekeeping. The Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) reported that the specialists of Ethiopia and Djibouti have consented to work together on security, preparing arrangements, and peacekeeping.

The ninth Ethiopia-Djibouti Defense Chiefs of Staff meeting was held here at ENDF Headquarters. The specialists were available in the gathering to talk about the protection powers. The principal point of the gathering was to lay out local harmony and security at the boundary.

Head of Staff of Ethiopian National Defense Force, Field Marshal Birhanu Jula, and Djibouti Armed Forces Chief of General Staff, Zakaria Cheikh Ibrahim, consented to help collaboration between the protective powers of the two nations.

According to media reports, the two nations have marked an understanding of joint line watches, data and social trades, preparing, counter-psychological warfare, and peacekeeping tasks. Birhanu said that Ethiopia and Djibouti have chronicled and long-standing relations with one another. Birhanu further said that Ethiopia and Djibouti are the seats of different worldwide and mainland associations.

After the gathering, Ibrahim reviewed that the two nations had marked a notice of getting (MoU) to forestall different violations in the boundary regions prior.

Strategic relations among Ethiopia and Djibouti

Strategic relations between the two nations were laid out in 1984. Ethiopia and Djibouti have customarily kept a nearby political and monetary relationship lately.

Purportedly, when the Ethiopia-Eritrea line war broke out in 1998, Ethiopia lost admittance to Eritrea’s port. Therefore, an existential emergency was ejected in the country. From that point forward, Ethiopia has depended on Djiboutian ports to deal with its imports and products. Djibouti additionally depends on Ethiopia to import new water and power.

The two Horn of Africa nations are subject to one another monetarily. Djibouti is lined by Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. Djibouti controls admittance to a significant stream, the Red Sea and the Suez Canal.



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