Ghannouchi’s guide: Saied’s overthrow was conceived dead and Tunisia is near the very edge of a social blast

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3 min readSep 23, 2022

Riadh Chaibi, the guide to the leader of the Ennahda Development and a forerunner in the resistance Public Salvation Front said that the development is honest of the “dispatch” case, noticing that the motivation behind raising this case is an endeavor to criticize the development. He likewise affirmed that Tunisia is near the very edge of a “social blast” that could overturn the current power and cause far-reaching disturbance in the country.

“The dispatch case is political, not a criminal one, since it is a fabrication of the creative mind of its proprietors, and there are no realities that affirm their case. Every one of the examinations that they led so far contained no immediate charge against the Ennahda Development nor against any of its chiefs, and the detainment of the previous state head and the demand to indict the other pioneers are political measures that are invalid and void;” said Chaibi.

He brought up that “the development’s adversaries who take on an exclusionary vision need to settle their records with it. In such a manner, they are upheld by a power that assumed control over the standard and upset the popularity based way on 25 July 2021. This political focusing on, upheld by a coordinated media crusade, plans to stigmatize the Ennahda Development and the standing of its leader, Sheik Rached Ghannouchi. Their objective has likewise been extended to exchange the remainder of the majority rule change process and its images.”

“To arrive at the degree of political and show preliminaries and the danger to disintegrate the development is something that can’t be anticipated at this point. In any case, Ennahda Development addresses an expansive social current, and a political choice can’t reject it, since experience has proactively demonstrated the disappointment of this strategy;” Chaibi added.

The Tunisian specialists had gathered the top of the Ennahda Development, Rachid Ghannouchi, and his two representatives, Ali Laarayedh and Noureddine Bhiri, alongside different forerunners in the development and many legislators and law specialists, for examination on account of “dispatch to hotbeds of strain,” in light of grumbling that was documented before by the previous MP Fatima Al-Masadi.

“We have opposed Bourguiba for a really long time. He fell while the vote-based development proceeded. Moreover, we opposed Ben Ali and didn’t stop until his fall. Our destiny is to oppose until this overthrow is brought down and to build up the inside front by social event the resistance to confront this peril that sabotages our majority rules government. We will keep on zeroing in on individuals’ interests and their financial and social freedoms until we recuperate our respect and a vote-based system finished, not partitioned;” said Chaibi in regards to the choices at present accessible to the Public Salvation Front.

He added: “This upset was conceived dead, and subsequently it doesn’t have the components to proceed. Its endeavors to create arguments against its adversaries are only endeavors to abstain from confronting the current dire social and financial issues, while it can’t get the most fundamental living materials like sugar, oil, milk, and even water. The costs of accessible products have flooded in view of the effect of expansion and the shortfall of a believable monetary and monetary strategy by the public authority. The authority is attempting to focus on manufactured cases to occupy individuals from requesting their freedoms. In any case, what we see of individuals’ fretfulness, and the fast crumbling of the public authority foundations and public offices, are signs that a social blast is drawing nearer, concurring with phenomenal political strain.”

Chaibi further made sense of: “The social blast is thumping on the entryways of Tunisia, and this power, in the event that it plans to manage reality, must choose the option to step down and offer a chance to a public salvation government that is valid and confided in by public general assessment and global accomplices. This could speed up supporting of the public economy, and for holding early official and regulative decisions that reestablish the power of the sovereign proprietor, the Tunisian public, to stay away from a general breakdown that might happen to everything.”



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