Greek PM Announces Inquiry into Migrant ‘Push Back’ Incidents

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The Greek Prime Minister has recently revealed that an inquiry is underway to investigate alleged incidents of migrant ‘push backs’ at the country’s borders. This announcement comes as Greece faces increasing scrutiny over its handling of migrants and asylum seekers attempting to enter its territory. The inquiry aims to shed light on the situation and ensure that Greece adheres to international standards regarding the treatment of migrants and refugees.


Greece has been at the forefront of the migration crisis, with thousands of migrants and refugees attempting to enter the country through its land and sea borders. In recent years, allegations have emerged regarding the use of excessive force and ‘push back’ practices, where migrants are forcibly prevented from entering Greek territory. These allegations have raised concerns about human rights violations and violations of international law.

The Inquiry and its Objectives:

Greek Prime Minister [PM’s Name] has acknowledged the seriousness of the allegations and stated that an inquiry is currently underway to investigate the reported incidents of migrant ‘push backs.’ The inquiry aims to provide a comprehensive examination of the situation, identify any potential misconduct or violations, and ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

Transparency and International Standards:

The Greek government’s decision to launch an inquiry demonstrates its commitment to transparency and addressing the allegations surrounding migrant ‘push backs.’ By conducting a thorough investigation, Greece aims to adhere to international standards and uphold its obligations under international law, including the protection of human rights and the principle of non-refoulement.

Cooperation with International Organizations:

Greece has also emphasized its commitment to cooperating with international organizations, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), throughout the inquiry process. This cooperation ensures that the investigation is conducted with the involvement of relevant experts and in line with established guidelines.

Implications and Future Actions:

The inquiry into alleged migrant ‘push backs’ has broader implications for Greece’s migration policies and its international standing. A transparent and fair investigation, followed by appropriate actions, will help restore confidence in Greece’s handling of migrants and refugees. It also underscores Greece’s determination to address any potential violations and improve its practices in line with international standards.


The Greek Prime Minister’s announcement of an inquiry into migrant ‘push back’ incidents reflects the country’s commitment to investigating allegations and upholding international standards regarding the treatment of migrants and refugees. By conducting a thorough and transparent investigation, Greece aims to address concerns about human rights violations and strengthen its approach to migration. This inquiry provides an opportunity for Greece to demonstrate its commitment to respecting international law and protecting the rights of migrants and refugees, fostering a more humane and compassionate approach to addressing the complex challenges posed by migration.



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