Israel plans to destroy the private structure in Silwan

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2 min readJun 9, 2022


Staff from the Israeli region in Jerusalem on Wednesday took estimations of a four-story private structure in involved Jerusalem’s neighborhood of Silwan, Wafa News Agency detailed.

The occupants of the structure got a notification from the occupation region seven days prior, requesting them to clear the structure in anticipation of destruction under the guise of coming up short on a structure permit.

The four-story building involves 12 condos, lodging 12 families, including kids. Assuming the destruction continues, 32 grown-ups and 42 youngsters will be effectively removed.

Two families in the structure are Palestinian evacuees, and one more two would be dislodged for the second time in two years following past tear-downs.

An absence of Israeli structure grants is the reason for most tear-downs in involved Palestinian domains, which, as per the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), are beyond the realm of possibilities for Palestinians to get.

Eyad Abu Sbaih, who dwells in a condo in the designated assembling, said they are seriously concerned and are living in dread that the district will crush the structure without warning.

Eyad shared that starting around 2014, the families living in the structure have been attempting to get a structure license, yet the occupation district has would not give them grants and, throughout the long term, has forced fines adding up to NIS900,000 ($280,000).

“They proceeded with the training of tear-downs and removals in involved East Jerusalem is disregarding worldwide compassionate regulation and should stop,” confirmed Deputy European Union (EU) Representative Maria Velasco during a visit to Silwan.

Velasco, who visited Silwan with heads of mission and delegates from the EU and similar nations, likewise encouraged: “Israel as the involving power has the commitment to safeguard the populace.”



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