Lebanon discharges transport blamed for conveying taken Ukrainian grain

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2 min readAug 3, 2022


Lebanon’s Discriminatory Public Prosecutor, Ghassan Oueidat, permitted on Tuesday the arrival of the “Laodicea”, a Syrian-hailed transport after it was held onto over charges by the Ukrainian consulate in Beirut that it conveyed flour and grain taken from Ukraine.

AFP news organization cited a legal authority as saying that Oueidat permitted the “Laodicea” which moored in the northern port city of Tripoli last week, to head out after examinations neglected to demonstrate it conveyed taken merchandise.

“Primer examinations … didn’t uncover the presence of a criminal offense, or that the products were taken,” the authority said in a state of secrecy.

That’s what the legal authority added: “the Syrian public whose name is on the shipment from Ukraine came in for the examination and introduced the papers and records that demonstrate his proprietorship.”

Last Thursday, the Ukrainian envoy in Beirut, Ihor Ostash, declared that he had met with Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, and examined “the issue of a Syrian-hailed transport that had entered Tripoli port conveying grain illicitly obtained from the involved Ukrainian grounds.”

Kyiv blames Moscow for taking harvests from Ukrainian regions constrained by Russian soldiers and involving them for nearby utilization or exchanging them abroad.

Ukraine is one of the world’s biggest grain makers, and the Russian conflict between it and Western authorization on Moscow has hampered grain trades between the two nations.

The Turkish Defense Ministry reported that, under a peaceful accord finished up with Russia in Istanbul on Monday, the principal Ukrainian shipment of grain left the port of Odesa at 06:17 GMT.

The arrangement between agents of Russia and Ukraine, as well as Turkiye and the United Nations, permits the commodity of Ukrainian grain under global watch.



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