Macron backing Prophet Muhammad’s animation maddens the Islamic World

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3 min readOct 28, 2020

A week ago, French President Emmanuel Macron in a discourse freely guarded the sketch of the prophet Mohammed, which is seen as profanation in Islam, rankled the whole Islamic World.

Macron’s remarks came seven days back at a public accolade for the educator Samuel Patty. Patty, a 47-year-old educator in France was guillotined close to his school by an 18-year-old revolutionary outcast of Chechen drop named Abdoullakh Abouyedovich Anzorov.

Patty was executed on the grounds that he had demonstrated his understudies the dubious depiction of Prophet Mohammed as a feature of a discussion on free discourse, expressing that if any who thinks that it's culpable can turn away or can leave the study hall.

In 2015, 12 people were executed in an attack on the workplace of French humorous magazine Charlie Hebdo, which had distributed the kid’s shows. A visual portrayal of the prophet is carefully prohibited in Islam and thought about obscenity.

On Oct 2, preceding Patty’s slaughtering, President Macron had pronounced designs for stricter laws to deal with what he named “Islamist dissidence” in France. He communicated that France’s minority evaluation of around 6,000,000 Muslims was in danger of forming a “counter-society”, portraying Islam as a religion in an emergency.

In a long location, Macron attempted to be nuanced on the most capable technique to mix Islam and French secularism. It included different designs to direct imams and mosques.

A bewildering talk like this one doesn’t take long to turn into the reason for conflict and a complaint abroad, especially in Turkey. After Macron guaranteed that France would not “excuse the cartoon”, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan asked residents of Turkey to blacklist French products on Monday in a fight.

Erdogan, who has just had hostile relations with Macron, expressed that France was looking for an enemy of Islam plan and he additionally approached all Turkish residents to quit purchasing French merchandise.

Erdogan likewise dispatched another assault on the French President, saying that Macron required a psychological test over his mien towards Islam and Muslims, compelling Paris to review its emissary in Ankara.

Kuwait then again has eliminated all L’Oreal items from its grocery store racks after the developing web-based media crusade against Macron.

On Sunday, Morocco likewise joined the mission of condemning and boycotting French merchandise. Besides, protestors in Bangladesh were seen holding notices saying Macron is the foe of harmony alongside a photograph of the French President.

Egypt’s most famous strict position, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, and Iran’s FM Mohammad Javad Zarif have likewise reproached France and required a prohibition on French items.

On Monday, Pakistan had called the French agent in Islamabad, a day after Pakistani PM Imran Khan expressed that the French President had assaulted Islam, Reuters revealed.

The very day, numerous protestors assembled outside the French Embassy in Baghdad and approached Iraqis to revile President Macron’s announcement over the Prophet’s animation.

According to France24, a minister at the show, Aqil al-Kadhemi, requested a conciliatory sentiment from the French PM to all the Muslim people group for disregarding the Prophet as a visual portrayal of him is carefully denied in Islam.

In Jordan, Iran, Qatar, and Kuwait, numerous store racks were deprived of French items. In an announcement, the French FM expressed that these calls for boycott are extraordinary and ought to be halted right away. Additionally, likewise all assaults against our country, which is being pushed by revolutionary minority gatherings.”

However, hardly any European chiefs remained behind Macron in help, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose delegate rebuffed Erdogan’s comments. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas expressed Berlin stayed in solidarity with Paris. The heads of Greece and Austria have moreover conveyed help for Macron.



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