Tunisia examining Ennahda, Heart of Tunisia’s wellsprings of subsidizing

Britto Josh
2 min readJul 28, 2021

Tunisia’s legal executive has opened an examination concerning three ideological groups, including Ennahda and Heart of Tunisia, on doubt of getting unfamiliar assets during the 2019 political race, a legal source told Reuters.

The examination was opened on 14 July, before President Kais Saied utilized crisis forces to excuse the executive and freeze parliament in a move that both those gatherings have marked as an upset.

However the examination doesn’t seem connected to Saied’s activities, and Tunisia’s legal executive stood up on Monday to demand it stay free, it squeezes the president’s fundamental rivals.

The moderate Islamist Ennahda and news magnate Nabil Karoui’s Heart of Tunisia are the two biggest gatherings in the profoundly divided parliament chose in September 2019. The other party being scrutinized is the more modest Ayich Tounes.

Ennahda pioneer Rached Ghannouchi, the parliament speaker, and Karoui, were rivals of Saied in a different official political race that occurred more than two rounds in September and October of 2019.

Karoui, who possesses a major private TV channel, likewise faces a long-running examination concerning different allegations of monetary offenses that prompted his remand in authority during a large part of the 2019 political race and again this year.

Saied — a free — battled in 2019 as a new beginning against what he painted as a bad, stale political first class zeroed in on its own restricted advantages and answerable for a decrease in Tunisian expectations for everyday comforts after the 2011 upheaval.



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