Turkiye: Greece disregards transient freedoms, powers 42,000 exiles out

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2 min readJun 18, 2022


The Turkish specialists distributed a report ready by Turkiye’s Ombudsman Institution on Friday expressing that Greece had disregarded the privileges of a huge number of displaced people endeavoring to enter its region through Turkiye.

The Turkish specialists noticed that the Athens specialists had constrained around 42,000 refuge searchers to get back to Turkiye via land and ocean starting around 2020, while many have been exposed to cruel treatment.

The report was named “Pushbacks and Drowning Human Rights in the Aegean Sea” and featured Greece’s infringement against transients.

The report showed that the pushbacks included 41,523 transients, from 2020 to 31 May 2022.

It likewise brought up that Greek officials once in a while bound transients, don’t furnish them with life coats, and on occasion tossed them straightforwardly into the ocean.

The report additionally demonstrated that the practices against transients who were effectively moved back by Greece through the Meric River convey the degree of the grotesqueness of the infringement.

As indicated by reported materials, 98% of the pushbacks include torment and abuse.

The report expressed that the level of youngsters exposed to viciousness, provocation, or abuse or who saw such practices arrived at 68%.

The report declared that there is proof that Frontex (European Union (EU) Border and Coast Guard Agency) upheld these activities by Greece or deliberately ignored them much of the time.

The report approached the EU to consider basic freedoms and global security regulations in the entirety of its choices and works on connecting with a movement, travelers, and boundary control, and to leave the arrangement of forestalling relocation no matter what, zeroing in rather on battling its causes.

The report likewise focused on the requirement for Greece to stop the orderly acts of pushback and manage travelers in an honorable way.

It focused on the requirement for Athens to switch its strategy of denying the pushbacks and direct autonomous and fair-minded examinations concerning the claims.

Then again, the report recommended that Turkiye ought to pursue laying out a global commission to research instances of pushbacks.



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