Turkiye ought to confront International Court over Yazidi slaughter, UK report says

Britto Josh
2 min readJul 12, 2022

English common freedoms legal advisor, Helena Kennedy, has said that Turkiye ought to have to deal with penalties under the steady gaze of the International Court of Justice for being complicit in demonstrations of slaughter against the Yazidi public, The Guardian reports.

As per the report, Kennedy supported an examination against Syria and Iraq for neglecting to forestall the killings.

The legal advisors, known as the Yazidi Justice Committee (YJC), attested that States are considered responsible under the Genocide Convention to forestall destruction, the report says.

Sir Geoffrey Nice, QC, Chair of the YJC, portrayed the slaughter of the Yazidi nation as a “frenzy stacked on evil”.

“Components set up might have saved the Yazidis based on what is currently important for their past, and part of their past fractional obliteration,” he said.

“Turkish authorities knew or potentially were adamantly incognizant in regards to proving that these people would utilize this preparation to commit restricted acts against the Yazidis,” the report said.

The Turkish Ambassador to the UK, Ümit Yalçın, called the reactions outlandish and out of line.

“Turkiye, beginning from the early long periods of the contention in Syria, assumed a critical part in the security of Syrian regular folks and minorities, including Yazidis, in the locale against the assaults and infringement of psychological militant gatherings,” Yalcin said.



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